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HLR is an element of the infrastructure telecommunication used in mobile networks to store information about subscribers.

HLR allows you to set the network in which the phone number is currently registered.

Loctaion Register

Within HLR inquiries the customer receives

  • Status of inquiry "OK" for a positive test, "ERR" if the number is unavailable or invalid.
  • Home network that is the network that comes the number
  • IMSI that is the identifier that contains information about the country, network and number identifier
  • Information on whether a number is transferred from home network to another network

Methods of checking

  • via Customer Panel, a list of pasted numbers, the numbers taken from a text file or numbers from selected contact group

The usage

    HLR is useful to determine the number assigned to the network which may be important for the compilation of such calls in the Call Center or the dispatch of such messages. This solution can help reducing costs and optimize calls. This is particularly important with the ever growing number of mobile users who transfer their numbers between networks.