Premium SMS

The service associated with a special range of reduced numbers.

For sending SMS to the number, the sender is charged with an increased payment which is the same for all mobile phone users and does not depend on being a member of a particular operator's network or the subscriber's tariff plan.

Payment charging via SMS

Possibilities that give you Premium SMS

    Using Premium SMS, you can make accessible for the GSM phone users the variety of services for which the organizer receives part of the commission taken by the user. Currently, there are many services based on the Premium Rate SMS that provide with mobile entertainment, paid articles on web, access to site, chat rooms, different services on the network through the use of SMS micropayments. It is possible to carry out actions, which are an important part of marketing: competing, lottery, urban games, subscriptions, etc.:


  • Contests
  • Lotteries
  • Chats / conversations
  • Paid content
  • Polls
  • Acces to the websites
  • SMS micropayments
  • etc.