Bulk Voice VMS Messaging

Voice SMS enables the delivery of voice messages to mobile and stationary phones.

Mechanism of dispatch realization is very simple and just as in the case of text messages is able to send a message to many people. The two methods of voice campaigns are provided in our platform:

Voice Messages

VOICE SMS Synthesizer (text-aloud)

    after entering the text the system converts the contents by the Speech Synthesizer to a voice message to be delivered to selected numbers. This is the quickest way for voice campaigns execution because it does not generate extra work during the preparation of the sound file. However, this method has a limit because you cannot add content exceeding 160 characters. Use exact punctuation which will ensure fluency of the text content by the Synthesizer.

VOICE SMS Audio (sound file)

lets you import any audio file in wav format which will be played when you receive a phone by the recipient. This method gives much more possibilities. The audio file can be prepared on your own with a background sound or by a voice-over

Additional service

    We have provided a possibility to order a professional audio recording, prepared by the voice-over. Recordings enable a professional image of company. The cost is relatively small:

  • 30-second-recording / local range: ÂŁ45
  • 30-second-recording / national range: ÂŁ80
  • Unless you have your own audio file and want to use the synthesizer, contact us. The professionals will prepare a record that will be heard through with pleasure by the receivers of Your campaign.
    If you are interested in the voices of famous people, actors, presenters and editors from the radio or television, contact us - we offer such services.